Rules & Regulations

General and Disciplinary Rules

All Students must abide by the College Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines as may be promulgated by the College Administration from time to time.

Breach of these Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines shall render them liable to disciplinary, administrative and legal action including but not limited to imposition of fine, suspension or expulsion (both provisional and permanent) from the College.

  1. All instructions issued by the college administration have to be obeyed by students.
  2. Any act of ragging, disobedience, anti-social behavior or harassment of girl students are punishable offences and will be dealt with utmost severity.
  3. The college infrastructure such as college books, room furniture, fans, sports equipments and facilities in general provided by college to the students should be used in proper manners. Otherwise, the cost of damage will have to be bourn by concerned student(s).
  4. All college notices regarding the college activities will be displayed on Notice Board, the students must read Notice Board on regular basis.
  5. Students must keep the College Identity Card during their stay in the College premises as well as during College functions.
  6. Students are required to be in the prescribed uniform while attending the College.
  7. Smoking, Drinking, Tobacco/Paan chewing are strictly prohibited in the college premises.
  8. It is the responsibility of students to maintain cleanliness in the campus. Any student found littering the college premises or spitting on the wall or causing any other dirtiness will be severely penalized.
  9. As per law, the use of Cell phones (Mobile phones) in the college campus is strictly prohibited for students especially during teaching hours.
  10. No student is allowed to leave the class without the permission of his/her teacher.
  11. Students should not indulge in class bunking, unnecessary roaming/wandering in the college premises.
  12. Any political activity is strictly prohibited in or around the College premises.
  13. Private telephone calls of the students will not be entertained. However, an emergency message can be conveyed.
  14. The College students, while parking their bikes/motor cars, are required to put proper lock on them. College administration shall not be responsible for any loss on this account, whatsoever.
  15. The College, in its sole discretion, shall have the right to take any disciplinary, administrative and legal action against a defaulting student due to the following:
    1. Poor Attendance
    2. Non-payment of College Dues
    3. Poor overall Academic Record
    4. Failure in the College Examinations
    5. Misconduct
  16. Sections once allotted to the students shall not be changed in any case