Clubs and Societies

DISHA BHARTI experience would not suffice if not for the myriad experience that help the students in leveraging their gains. DISHA BHARTI offers an environment where students can pursue their vision by forming clubs and societies as necessary supplement to classroom teaching. These activities ran by students, solely help them in treasuring fairly rich experience of learning.

•The Quizzing Club: To enhance the general knowledge and competitive skills by participating in quiz competitions at different levels.

•The Sports Society: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This committee believes in developing the overall personality of a person. It organizes inter and intra-college level football, cricket, basketball tournaments.

•The Debating Society: To be a good manager, you need to be a good communicator. The Society helps students imbibe in them communication skills so that they can put their views across with clarity and confidence.

•The Social Work Forum: This forum makes them aware of their social responsibilities as citizens. It not only sensitizes them towards the cause of needy sections and ailments of society, it also prompts them to take initiatives in groups and individual as well, thus joining their academic learning to real life experiences.

•The Dramatics Society: It is a platform to perform and design stage activities as actor, director and back stage artist. Apart from rendering aesthetic delights these exposures sharpen organisational and communication skills.

•The IT Club: To get an edge over others in the ensuing age, one needs to be IT savvy irrespective of one’s field of specialisation. The IT Club propagates this message and infuses IT awareness and knowledge among students.

•The Music Society: Students are exposed to learn Dance & Singing and Musical Instruments of their choice, thus developing their extra curricular talents.