Message of Director General

An institute is a place where talent is nurtured and careers are shaped. In our society it is quite a known fact to follow someone else’s footsteps instead of creating our own. I feel blessed to be an inextricable part of this college where each day I get the opportunity to learn new things and teach at the same time. It’s my fifth year along with this college however every day seems like it’s just the beginning because of the love and support of the people around me. We at Disha Bharti believe in making great leaders by transforming students’ mindset, shaping their overall personality and training them to lead by example. We strives to inculcate, in all students, strong leadership qualities, a sense of team work, fair play and a desire to excel, along with concern for the not-so fortunate, through community service. I ardently believe that every student can be transformed into a gem if he or she has the right master to teach, as the saying goes ‘when the student is ready, the master appears,’ and at the same time it feels immense proud to have such students who yearn for knowledge, who are all the more receptive, interactive and expressive of their emotions.At Disha Bharti, we pledge to educate the youth of India and help each other of them become a successful and responsible citizen.